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I have a HP Laptop and it keep shutting down while playing League of Legends or Skyrim, when i go into a League of Legends game i can be there maybe 10.00 min. and then it shutting down without warning, and when i try start it again it cant i have to wait like 30 min. before i can start my laptop again, and when it starts and i join a new game its only takes like 5 min. before it shutting down again..... Can someone pls help me?
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  1. Could be the video capabilities over-heating when gaming. I have a laptop that claimed to be a "gaming" laptop with a Radeon mobile 5870. I've had it 1.5 years and never really gamed with it until just recently. Loaded up modern warfare 2 and same thing, everything works great, but after about 5 minutes it shuts down and won't start back up for a few. At that point, the case is really hot right where the video card is located. Until it cools to a certain degree, the PC won't start back up. I even updated the video drivers to the latest release which doubled my minutes to 10, but it still shuts down.

    The PC runs without fail as long as you're not gaming on it.

    Does your laptop have a discrete video card? Is it an AMD?
  2. This is a well known problem with HP Laptops, had this to with a laptop from HP before. The heat generated by the videocard can't flow away. That's why the laptop is shutting down itself. Try to see where the airflow is comming from and put something under your laptop see if it works better.
  3. I have both of my airflow's out of my tables edge but still shutting down, it worked fine until now when it start shutting down after 5-10 min.
  4. You have likely picked up hair, dust , whatever which i inside and restricted your air flow. Open p the underside and blow the debris out.
  5. hi guys! iam rajesh rathode, iam facing the same problem after research work i discoverd that this happens due to over heat! solution is ...........
    1)purchase cooling pad and keep below the notebook(cost around 150 bugs)
    2)Unable to go with 1 st option then ,place some blocks of books to the left and right and place the laptop above the books so that during over heat the air will escape easily
    note:-6 inches min left /right and make sure laptop below air escape position should be free and not blocked by these placed books

    iam damm mad off playing games guys if u have any problem in crossing levels do ask me

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