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I'm about to upgrade my motherboard. Needless to say, I'll reinstall Windows XP. However, there are several issues which follow:

1. I'm not going to format my HD. I want to reinstall Windows XP from scratch. However, I am thinking of deleting "Program Files", "Document Settigs" and "c:\windows". Is that enough?

2. I don't intend to reinstall my games, just leave them intact in "c:\games" (where I've always installed them). I believe I may reload them easily later when I finish reinstallation (os, detonators, drivers, etc). I once reinstalled Windows 2000 and was able to play "Return to Wolfenstein" without a need to reinstall the game.

I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks.

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  1. I would just do a repair and loose nothing of importance, it will find the new M/B and load the necessary files, do you know how to do it?

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  2. I've never tried it before. I'm afraid the repair will leave old drivers behind and perhaps active (i'm upgrading an ecs k7s5a mb SIS735 to an asus a7v8x KT400 mb). I'm all for a clean install.

  3. i find a repair does more HARM than good.

    i was having troubles so i did a repair, and it made MORE PROBLEMS and solved NONE.

    i suggest makign a backup of only your files and install files etc..

    then re-install EVERYTHING, i am geting pretty good at re-insalling XP as i re-installed it for the 7th time yesturday (and i've only had my computer since febuary LOL

    it doesn't take long, i reinstalled from scratch, installed ALL my old programs, and got most of my settings back to how i like them, within 2-3 hours.

  4. The best way I have found to do this, is to divide your HDD into more than one partition to begin with. Then, you can load all your games and stuff on the other partition, just in case you need to reinstall XP. After a clean install, you just need to set up your short cuts.

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