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Origin EON17-X or Wait?

I'm looking for a high-end gaming laptop, and I'm looking at the EON17-X. My concern, of course, is whether or not I should wait until the new processors and GPUs finally become available.

For the EON17-X, I'm thinking about the Intel 3930K processor with dual 2GB GTX 580M cards. Does anyone have any feeling for how long it would be before laptops are available that can significantly beat that? I don't have any experience with this kind of thing; for example, I know that the Ivy Bridge processors are slated to come out in April, and the new Nvidia chips are... end of this month (?) - but even if those dates are accurate, (a) would laptop-ready components be part of that initial release, and (b) how long has it historically taken laptop companies to actually produce high-end rigs from newly-available parts?

Any advice is appreciated.

- A
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    Hello Alomir;

    Besides the CPU/GPU it's the barebones motherboards that need to show up.

    Get with the guys @ Origin and ask them. They should have a better feel than any of us when the IB will arrive in the shop and be ready to go.

    Once of the better reasons to work with a boutique builder like Origin is that you can talk to the owners and people building your notebook.
  2. Excellent idea, thank you very much!
  3. So, I contacted Origin; sadly, they only gave me "we don't have any information about upcoming releases...", which was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for at least SOME indication.
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