B950 video memory confusion

I got a Dell Inspiron N4050 from the cheif ministor of punjab, Pakistan.As a reward.

Intel Pentium Duel core B950
320 GB Hard disk

The point that is causing the confusion is that it is showing only 64MB of video memorey (and 783MB shared memory), while B950 have 256MB of video memory. I also checked the BIOS, but failed to found any option for the dedicated memory.
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    B950 has NO VRAM (video memory).
    Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge) has no dedicated memory but shares the fast Level 3 Cache with the CPU cores and also part of the main memory.

    Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge)
  2. Thanks for quick reply.
    Is there any way to increase the performance of graphics for games. The chipset is H67.
  3. Unfortunately, no.
    The limiting factor for games is not the amount of VRAM but the number of GPU pipeline units and the speed they operate at.
  4. Thanks, I got it.
    And I used the GameBooster (That temporarily blocks some of the background processes unnecessory for gaming), and gaming performance increased by ~40%
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