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how to update the beta version of windows 7
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  1. There really isn't a way to update the beta version beyond buying and installing either the retail or OEM version of Windows 7. The betas were designed to have a limited lifespan.
  2. Unless you have a full version of XP, 2000 or Vista to reinstall, then you will have to purchase the full version.
    Everyone has had plenty of time to use the Beta & RC version and save for the retail release.
  3. Hello satya4u2007,

    Which Beta version of Windows 7 are you running?

    Are you running Windows 7 RTM downloaded directly from Microsoft? If you are not, you may experience issues outside of Microsoft's support.

    Currently, Windows 7 RTM is available to all who have a TechNet Plus and MSDN Plus subscription. If you have a TechNet Plus or MSDN Plus subscription you have access to download Windows 7 RTM and receive 10 product activation keys. To learn more about how to obtain a TechNet plus subscription, please go here: http://tinyurl.com/nnm26v
    thanks again,
    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Support
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