Laptop loses power PLEASE help

I have an acer aspire laptop, 5742-7047. Ithas worked great until the other day when it started randomly losing power, very quick, no beeps and does not try to reboot on its own.

the only thing that was strange was it started almost exactly when i installed google sketchup, i have uninstalled sketchup, attempted a system restore which it twice denied.

My desktop had the same problem or so i thought which had turned out to be the memory, today i replaced the 4gb ddr3 with 8gb ddr3 new thinking that would solve the problem but alas no :(
fyi when running a memoy test prior to replacing it consistently died at aound 37% thats why i replaced the memory.
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  1. try this to remove google sketchup use the freeware also is your laptop could support 8 gig of memory check on acer to find it
  2. Thanks Scout, I'll give that a try, and yes 8 gb is supported, that i checked before i purchased it.
  3. maybe you will also have to update bios for it,and i would try with 4 gig first then after switching to the other 4 gig could be some stick defectives
  4. scout, the original 4 gb i removed entirely, and replaced with 8(2 simm of 4)
    up-time seems to be better but still loses power with no continuity, i can just have it on without doing anything, and it just goes blank, rolled back the video driver but that doesn`t seem to have made much difference, just bought a can of air and blew the heck out of it today i`ll see if that makes a difference, shouldn`t as i have kept an eye on temps and they seem fine, this has me stumped and i`m afraid to take it to service as its intermittent
  5. do a memtest with the new memory stick one at the time could be one defective also give the model and name of old sticks and the new one
  6. scout I rolled back the video driver and blew out all the vents with canned air and it one of these things seems to have done the trick

    probably should have tried that first but will keep updated if it holds up
    the original memory was factory, will also run the mem test again but as i said, everything seems to be fine now, thanks
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    keep it like this for a few days then make a restore point if everything is good and install the newest driver to see if it will redo the issue you had.dont forget to dowload them from acer
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