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I have recently gotten a major problem with my HP laptop. All the colours are messed up and it generally just looks horrible. Now this laptop has 2 graphics cards. One for power saving and the other for gaming. If I switch to the lesser powered one the laptop screen is perfectly fine.

I first thought okay the more powerful GPU must be fried, but if I use an external monitor everything works absolutely fine. I also noticed that if I actually bend the chassis of the laptop it solves the problem until I let go and then the colours go messed up again.

Can anyone give me any idea what must be going on here?
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  1. A lot of the DV6 series had video issues and were put on a recall list. You might go to HPs site and see if your's is one of the affected ones.
  2. It doesn't fall under any recall that I can see, but I'm thinking it must be some sort of connection from the LCD panel to the Ati HD5650 rather than the slower Ati because that works... Hmmm! Or could it be a crack in the motherboard?
  3. Have you contacted HP?

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  4. When you use the external, are you 100% sure it's using discrete graphics (5650) over on board graphics?
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