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I am fed up

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 15, 2003 5:54:14 AM

I must thank all the knowledgeable posters in these forums in all categories not just graphics cards.. I have made many wise decisions based on input from these forums...

I have been an advid user of toms hardware guide for very many years, used toms advice (when this site was done by tom himself) I over clocked my first Celeron on a bx board using the pin 21 or 29 pin block.

Those days have gone and this site (not the forums) have become way too commercialized so I take all thg reviews with a grain of salt.

Don't get me wrong its still a great site but just not as great as it once was.

Thank god to these forums and me reading them. I based my decision when building my last computer to go with the radeon 9700 pro awi among other things (Nvidia makes the best amd platform nforce2) which I only found out through thg and these forums.. at least when I built my computer 6 months ago.

I must say I based my decision to go with the 9700 pro from these forums fully understanding and expecting events to turn out just as they have.. My last card pervious to my 9700 pro was a 200mx yes!!!!! I know but budget in mind it was good enough at the time. I got 18 months and the card died no great loss but Nvidia was the clear winner (performance wise) at the time. With their good driver support and reputation I went with this budget card..

My last card would have been Nvidia if not for thg and these forums (which I read daily)
Back to my gripe... Nvidia... I have had it with these losers and to all the frequent posters on this site [ DIRECTX 9 IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A STANDARD IT IS A STANDARD]
Nvidia is claiming their cards are dx9 compliant yet they clearly are not dx9 compliant!!!! this conveluted half presision bu11 s1-1it and every {popular game that will be benchmarked} requiring iq loss cheaptomizations drivers is retarded.,.. Nvidia tried and all most got away with monopolizing the entire graphics industry. If it was not for ati all games in the near future would be written for nvidia chips...(kinda like intel with sse2) Once all game makers write their code optimized only for the patented nvidia format its game over... (what chance would ANY COMPETITOR HAVE) and you will be paying way more for way less..

Anyways thanks for listening to my rant I apologize to all nvidia loyalist. but this is how I see it. and I’m pissed at nvidia lying and lying and ripping off the uninformed consumer..

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a b U Graphics card
September 15, 2003 6:08:42 AM

Captain Obvious says go where your feelings take you!
Brand loyalty is for sheep!

<b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>
September 15, 2003 6:20:16 AM

I thought optimizing a game for a certain kind of card was supposed to be a good thing??? Anyone here remember when they would only run games in glide because it was faster then direct3d and/ or openGL and only 3dfx cards could run it? Seems to me that this is still happening but it isnt glide that is the fastest, but a particular brand in direct3d that the developer favors. Doom3 was obviously coded for nvidia, half-life 2 for Ati which is sad. These games should have the proper optimizations for both instead of this chip maker favoring crap that causes 50% of the gaming populace to not be able to play a new game. The number is certainly more uneven then that for half-life 2 given the fact that most pc gaming machines still have nvidia hardware in them and these people wont get the presentation they deserve. at least doom3 gives playable numbers on Ati cards as well, good job Id. I think ill just play games in software mode from now on. MMMMMM delta force 1.
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a b U Graphics card
September 15, 2003 6:25:23 AM

Optimisations that improve either Speed or IQ or both yes!
Optimisations that sacrifice one for the other? NEVER!

Captain Obvious will fight these evil optimisations with all his strength!

<b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>
September 15, 2003 6:36:50 AM

i think your missing the point mullet. Direct X 9 is a standard and ati followed it to the T. Game designers designed games following this standard just to find out that they cant just do that. A standard is supposed to make things easier for the programmer instead of having to worry about compatibility issues with anything. Think of internet explorer and other browsers... you have to think about compatibility when making a webpage and you know... that sucks!
This is whats happening to the graphics market... more like has been happening. The cpu market has no hope of a standardization ever again but i at least hoped we could have kept it for the graphics market but alas that wont happen because of nvidia. I was a nvidia fan but not anymore. The facts all point to the same place... nvidia did not follow direct x standards and they should suffer instead of being accomadated. Would your professor or boss let you hand in your work in fashion that was not expected? i think not. So screw nvidia and all thier excuses. this ti4600 is the last card i will buy thats nvidia despite what any benchmark in the future will say... and the reason? because they like to make things harder for gamers and enthusiast like me.
-pissed off EE/CS guy
September 15, 2003 7:10:41 AM

Captain Obvious says go where your feelings take you!
Brand loyalty is for sheep!

here here!!


<A HREF="" target="_new"> come to THGC chat~ NOW. dont make me get up ffs @#@$</A>
September 15, 2003 2:30:02 PM

Captain Obvious......
who are u???????
(maybe an everday journalist in disguise)
I'll unmask u......

(pulling his mask off with a struggle)
hoooooo, it's.........................................................................GW


<font color=red> Quantum Computers! - very interesting </font color=red>
September 15, 2003 4:31:39 PM


<font color=red> Quantum Computers! - very interesting </font color=red>
September 15, 2003 5:55:03 PM

Well it apears you understood my post sorry about the long rant.. I guess my next question is should Nvidia be allowed to put directx9 on their packaging? Lets think about this.. Microsoft has rules for placing logos on software such as designed for win 2000 xp etc.. should it not be the same for directx9.. Acording to Nvidia their fx gpu is fully programable, does this they can use this same gpu and call it directx10 because a game developer could spend an enourous amount of time special codeing for the fx gpu in a directx10 enviorment? I'm guessing they could with extreamly slow frame rates...

The way I see it the fx gpu is only directx8 compliant (fx gpu does very well with dx8) Nvidia knows they need dx9 on their box in order keep sales high. was it nessasary to repackage all their mid range products as dx9 8xagp or was this just marketing in responce to what ati really acomplished? I feel sorry for all people who recently bought Nvida graphics cards.. Futuremark was bang on this fx line is not dx9 compliant. and it would appear nvidia miss led the consumer in order to keep their lead in the industry..

Now that all is becoming exposed I hope the consumer punishes Nvidia for this greedy act.
September 15, 2003 11:59:11 PM

Doom3 was obviously coded for nvidia, half-life 2 for Ati which is sad.

Ummm, wrong. Half Life 2 was not coded for ATI. HL2 was made for dx9, and ATI made their card for dx9. Nvidia on the other hand, needed 5x more work. So if anything, you could say the hl2 was coded for the fx line. However, even with all that work, they still suck. And as for Doom 3, Nvidia got their grubby little hands on it and managed to optimeze for it. ATI did not get the chance. I bet you that if you ran doom 3 side by side with a 9800Pro/fx 5900 Ultra, with ABSOLUTELY NO optimizing, the 9800 would beat the 5900.

As each day goes by, I hug my 9600Pro just a little tighter.
a b U Graphics card
September 16, 2003 12:34:32 AM

Captain Obvious laughs at your feeble attempts to unmask him!

<b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>
September 17, 2003 1:32:07 AM

Captain Obvious laughs at your feeble attempts to unmask him!

It's Obvious you must be the captian!!