Need serious help!

I have a toshiba Satellite L745-S4310 and when i came home one day, it just started to run slow. I'm not tech savy, so i don't know what's wrong with it. When i start it up, it's slow, and then when i log in it's slow also, and it's also not making the log in sound anymore. I do not have an antivirus thing on my laptop right now, cause i can not afford them, but if anyone has a free one that i can try out, it'll help me out. I really do not know how else to explain it, other than the fact that it's going slow, but my internet is still the same pace.
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  1. this is also a good one use also malwarebytes for spyware
  2. Another option (last resort):

    1. copy all your important data, passwords etc to a backup drive

    2. RESTORE the original Windows (should be on a hidden partition and you restore it by pressing the proper F-KEY during bootup).

    3. Apply all the updates. (video driver, main chipset etc must be obtained from your laptop's driver support page)

    4. create a BACKUP IMAGE in case this happens again (Acronis True Image preferred). Keep the first backup after all updates forever, then keep a second backup to replace periodically with a new backup. The first backup is kept because you know it's not corrupted. You do have the original (hidden) copy on the hard drive but updating (especially the drivers) can be a lot of work.
  3. THANKS FOR ALL THE ANSWERS! But i will keep it in mind! My laptop has started working normally again, so, i have no clue what was wrong with it, but i do appreciate your answers! Thanks!
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