Inspiron 1545: No boot, no beeps, no screen/backlight

laptop dell inspiron 1545 was working fine, but getting heated up at palm rest and keyboard and base. so i opened the laptop base, heasink, fan, keyboard, odd, ram, hdd and all connections and cleaned all and refixed them.
problem : now the laptop does not start at all. when i press power on button (with power connected with or without battery or only on battery connected), white led light glows, fan spins a while and then stops. cd rom ligh blinks and i could eject the cd rom. screen remains black .. no activity or backlight. if i remove ram and then press power button.. then it gives beeps. after fixing all if i press power button once it goes off.
kindly assist
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  1. double check you have seated your ram correctly if you have 2 sticks remove one try it if doesn't work remove the other and reinsert the first on ya removed
  2. hi frnd
    thanks for ur reply. i tried with both rams alternatively in either slots. i have spare 3rd ram which i tested. no sucess.
  3. ya need to try and remove everything so you are posting the laptop with the bare minimum of components so remove the battery, hard drive, wireless card, and keyboard you can also disconnect the touch-pad by unplugging it, the plug for it is under the keyboard if at this stage it still wont post then you have likely damaged the board during disassembly or possible by putting a long screw where ya should of had a short one you have created a short
  4. i dont think i have used wrong screw as i know to read the size of screw for particular hole neither i hav over tightnd it. infact i dint put all screw till now.
    i used antistatic wrap while dismantling and it was done carefully. till now i must have opend / serviced sucesfully around 2 dozens of laptops.

    mboard starts..processor .. checks memory n optical drv and then stops but the power remains in the board till i put it off by presing power butn.
  5. Could also be when taking it apart you disconnected the video cable that runs up to the screen or even pulled the inverter loose under the bezel of the LED. Can you plug it into external monitor and get video?
  6. thanks all
    the very next day after posting this thread, i RE-SEATED the Processor with New thermal past and proper alignment of the heatsink assembly. It worked. and still working fine. but heating persist.

    the safety working of Dell notebooks and adapters are always other words a mystry

    thanks again
  7. thanks a lot.
  8. what do u mean by this?
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