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I am a Mechanical Design Engineer Specialized in Machine Design & Re-engineering, now working at Chennai,India (with 8 Years Experience).
I want to settle down in Singapore.
I went there on Aug 2009 and stayed upto Nov 2009, but unable to find job in mechanical field, as they are not recruiting any foreigners, due to recession.
My friend came with me (He is IT expert, with 5+ exp.), with in a week he got 3 offers out of 5 interviews.
I wanna know, when the market will get steady so that I can get a job there at Singapore in Mechanical field.
Any suggestions welcome :)
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    I strongly suspect that this forum will not be a good source for that kind of information. You might check job hunting sites and/or agencies, especially retainer-recruiters (who have less motive to lie about prospects than contingent-recruiters).
  2. Thanks for your guidance and reply :)
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