Csrss.exe no description or image path

Ok so when i open up task manager i see csrss.exe with no description and no path. When i right click it and click on open file location or properties, it does nothing. When i go to C:\Windows\System32 i find it but when i click on it, it says "The C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe application cannot be run in win32 mode".

Can any tell me why that is? or should i not worry about it..

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi

    U should not worried about it because is a process of the system, take a look of the picture and u can find the same process in my rig that is running XP SP3 32bits.


    See here more information about the csrss.exe process
  2. The Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server subsystem utilizes the process csrss.exe for managing the majority of the graphical instruction sets under the Microsoft Windows operating system. As such Csrss.exe provides the critical functions of the operating system, and its termination can result in the Blue Screen of Death being displayedCsrss.exe controls threading and Win32 console window features.

    Please be aware that it should live in C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe, anywhere else or if it is taking up a far chunk of cpu time/memory and it is a good bet it is Trojan.W32.Sober or W32.Netsky.AB worm
  3. thanks..

    any suggestions on finding out if csrss.exe might be contained any where else other than C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe
  4. U can use Malwarebytes to find out the false csrss.exe
  5. Hello koohawaiian,

    Wow, yah that could be a virus or possibly malware? In any event you need to get a clean boot.... (Before Windows Startup) to eliminate it in true safe operating environment.

    You can place spybot and free AVG on a USB drive, additionally, you can run a complete scan with NAV (Norton Anti-Virus) Boot Disk: This will check everything BEFORE booting to windows.

    You will need a reliable source computer to work from since your main computer seems to be comprimised.

    Article forAVG and instructions found here:


    Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here http://tinyurl.com/9fhdl5 . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assitance and support.

    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  6. Easy way to scan for it, open up a command prompt and from the root of each drive, C:\ or D:\ ... use ..

    dir /s csrss.exe

    Will show all occurrences.
  7. This ambiguity has its root it the simple fact that Microsoft has done a very sloppy job, documenting this process: It shows up in the task manager, with neither a description nor an accessible property window! This lousy handling should have been flagged and rejected by their Quality Control staff.

    P.S. I am talking from the perspective of a MS Windows 7 user.
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