Suggest me best laptop under 45000(850$)

i want to buy laptop under 45k(850$) plz suggest me best solution???
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  1. Best solution for....... what? Business? Education?
  2. Check out HP's Probook line. They're high quality laptops.
  3. WR2 said:
    Best solution for....... what? Business? Education?

    best suggestion for education bro... coz i am student of B. Tech.....
  4. Seriously, check out the HP Probooks. They have a full aluminum body with magnesium underside. They're very durably built, feature-complete and their price is within your budget.
  5. This one would be good, and if you're willing to go a little over budget, they also have one with an i7 and dedicated graphics.
  6. What country are you in? You say 45000, is that rubles, rupees or pesos?
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