Asus 1015PEM vs 1015PX

Hi there,
I'm looking at a 1015PEM barely used with 2GB RAM and some other extras


1015PX with 1GB RAM no mentioned extras.

Which would you go for?

Alll other laptop suggestions are welcome. I'm just looking for something that can handle docs, pptx etc..., even windows xp is fine, so long as it's light, carries long battery life and is durable (doesn't breakdown easily)

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    Hello kdon27;

    Something like HP dm1 11" sub-notebook $350 would be something I like a lot better. More powerful than a 'Netbook - smaller than a standard notebook.
    Most important to me - 1366x768 screen resolution vs 1024x600 for the 'Netbooks.
    You give up some battery life - but you get a lot more for your money.

    HP Pavilion dm1-4010us (Late 2011) Review
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