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Track a laptop with serial number and ip address

Last january 25 mine and my friend's 3 laptops, 6 mobiles and many more electronics things were stolen from our room so we want to trace our laptops any how. So please any one help us. Thank You
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  1. Have you contacted the police? That seems like the most reasonable option for you, since no one here can verify your ownership of the equipment or that the information used won't be used nefariously after you locate your equipment, I don't think that you can reasonably expect assistance with this from the forum here. Do you have theft insurance? This would cover your losses to some degree.
  2. Kelthic, having the serial number is usually proof enough of ownership as they are unique to each machine/part. If he files a report with the police and they get possession of the machine/part somehow (raid or its turned in, etc.) then that should be all the proof he needs.

    Promod, I'm not sure you have the means to track it down. If you had the IP address of when it was in your possession then its certainly changed by now. If you somehow have the IP address after it was stolen you can use one of many IP address lookup websites such as this one.

    Use the info to contact the abuse dept of whoever owns that IP address. (Comcast, Cox, SBC, etc.) If you don't have the IP address of where it is now then you are pretty much sunk. Only chance you have now is if you have some program on your laptop which tries to dial out and supplies the IP address. Running a DNS server or something like that.
  3. I disagree. Like a VIN number on a car, having knowledge of a serial number does not equate to proof of ownership, it simply means the person had physical possession of an item, whether stolen or owned. Since the serial number is usually printed on the physical item and easily accessible, i don't see how knowledge of a serial number is proof of ownership.

    If the OP did NOT contact the police, it seems entirely fishy to me since that would be the first reaction of anyone in this situation with legitimate proof of ownership. If the OP did contact the police, the likelihood of him trying to track the IP address and recovering his equipment is not likely, as was pointed out. Best bet is to let the police work and claim it on insurance, yes?
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    4745454b is right. They're pretty much untraceable.
    The IP addresses you and your friends used were unique to your internet service provider and your account. Same for your mobiles phone numbers with the mobile service provider and your account with them.

    When the laptops are put back on the internet with a new ISP account the IP addresses will be different. And the mobiles with new SIM cards will be on different numbers.
  5. missing of my laptop bag along with dell model
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