Perplexing Aspire 4520 problem

So, I acquired a dead acer aspire 4520 laptop about 6 months ago. I was mainly using it for the hard drive (bigger than my 6GB drive on my working laptop; I'm a poor nerd :cry: with legacy technology), when I realized that perhaps it was time to resurrect it (it would be my first completely legal version of windows).

Condition of laptop:
Inside, the laptop is spotted in some places with debris :ouch: and dust that has landed on adhesive within the laptop itself. I recently took it completely apart, cleaning all dust while reseating everything. Some of the screws appear to either have been tightened to tightly that the sockets have fallen out (that or they're so old).

Main problem:
When turned on without the adapter, absolutely nothing happens. When turned on with the AC adapter in, the power light flashes for 1/4 or a second or so (and every other try the other indicator lights) but no response from the screen or fan can be seen and the laptop then goes dead once again.

I know that the hard drive is operational (I use a USB caddy on my Inspiron 7500 :pt1cable: ) but making things worse for me is the fact that I do not have a charger for the 4520 any more.

Does anyone know of any common problems for the 4520, or the family as a whole, that I might be able to resolve or test without the charger for the time being? Make no mistake, any advice would be very helpful.

I do, however, have a digital multimeter (voltage and connectivity testing), so any tests that I can do with that would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, one last thing: no bad caps (or at least any that I can see).

Thank you all so much for not replying with a "go to a technician" or something. :D
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  1. K so this thread is now long-defunct (and won't be missed) but here's some info that might help out anyone else out there with the same laptop (unlikely).

    That particular line is prone to heat failure, and apparently there is a widespread mobo problem with the 4520. You need to replace the mobo (~$200).
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