Thinkpad L520 I5 capable if gaming?

hey guys,

so i got a thinkpad l520 with a I5 -2450M and the Intel HD Graphics 3000. . . . . . it not good yes, i was just wondering.....any games capable of being played on this machine?

res is 1366x768
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  1. Hello TheNismo1;

    Any of the 2D board, card and flash games, of course.
    That HD 3000 graphics is roughly equal to a laptop Radeon HD 5450M or Geforce 310M graphics card. So older 3D games and low graphics on some more recent games is possible.

    But it is not a usually considered a 'gaming' option.
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 review
  2. I tested a few games on my Lenovo Y470 using the Intel HD 3000 instead of the dedicated nVidia GT 550m.

    - Fallout 3 - Performs very well with mostly medium graphic settings. However, you will need to download a d3d9.dll file to trick Fallout 3 into using the integrated graphics. I have tried that trick and it does work. You can download it from the following link:

    - Fallout: New Vegas should be playable as well, but I didn't test it. I believe you do not need to use the "d3d9.dll trick" in order to get the game to work based on what I've read.

    - Crysis is playable using low settings. I played Chapter 2: Relic and I was able to get between 18 - 24 FPS most of the time. However, just about everyone knows that the final battle is quite crippling on any system so I would expect FPS to be cut in half during some parts of the final battle.

    - Kings Bounty 2 Crossroads is playable. It's a strategy game though so it's not as demanding as 1st person shooters.

    - Mass Effect 1 (2 and most likely 3) is not playable. Too much stuttering.

    Here's some Youtube videos of other games using the Intel HD 3000. Whether the performance is good enough depends on you.


    GTA 4

    Crysis 2 seems to be playable with high settings @ 1024 x 768 based on the following video. Not surprising I suppose since the game has lower system requirements than the original Crysis. I guess you can thank consoles for that since Crysis 2 is a multi-platform game.
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