Locating a internal hard drive for a sony vaio VGN-FS515H

Hi there,

I was wondering can anyone help me with this problem I am having please.
I am looking to replace the hard drive for a SONY VAIO VGN-FS515H my task as been difficult, can u all out there leand this damsel in disstress????

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  1. The hard drive listed on this model is only 80GB, which is quite small. Are you looking to replace because you ran out of space, or because the current Hard Drive failed. If you ran out of space, you could consider adding an external harddrive to store all your files on. If the current hard drive failed, replacing it with the same model might be a waste of your time. You would want to consider a size upgrade. And then there's dealing with installing windows on a new drive...
  2. That laptop uses standard 2.5" SATA I/II/III drives. Pretty much any 2.5" drive will work, with the exception of Velociraptors (they're thicker than normal).
  3. Are you asking where you can find a hard drive or what kind of hard drive to look for. According to the specs, that computer has a 80GB 4200 RPM hard drive.
  4. Thank u,

    Looking to replace the internal hard drive if poss also for the simple fact its done, if u can assist me further it will be appriciated very much thank u again for ur help and time regarding this matter.
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