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I want to reinstall Windows XP completely, but I have a few files that I want to keep. I can't burn them onto a CD-R because the files are too large. Is there a way to keep these files on the system and transfer them to the reinstalled OS?

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  1. So you’ll need more CDs! You could make another partition using partition magic 8, or some other program and move the files there. Or if you had another HDD laying around somewhere you could move them there.

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  2. yes creating another partition works quite well. But why do you need to reinstall xp? Baybe you dont have to.

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  3. You can do a "REPAIR INSTALL" by running the setup from the XP pro CD, which in-effect removes only the operating system files leaving all non- o/s files etc. Just run the CD and go past the first prompt to repair then you will eventually see the repair install prompt .

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