Acer aspire one d255e keyboard issue

I have an Acer Inspire One d255e, running Windows 7 startup.
When I have a browser running (IE, Chrome or Opera), I type anything and a number comes up on display, going in order 1-0. I can cut and paste or have a password saver program put username/passwords in without a problem. Occassionally this will occur when I am in a non-internet based application, but I just close and re-open and the problem is gone.
When I press the windows key and type, I get normal typing, until I hit a shortcut.
Since the keyboard is small, I mistype more and I am fairly convinced I hit a hidden combination of keys. Acer says it's a software problem and not covered under the warranty.
Any combination with numblock doesn't fix anything.
Please help!
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  1. use the laptop manual to see how your keyboard work with keys combination
  2. thank you for your reply. i looked there today and didn't find anything but the standard list of shortcuts for Fn, Windows, Alt, Ctrl.
  3. witch language is set for the keyboard keys
  4. i can't find that information where it says "english" somewhere, but it appears to be english. when i press and hold the windows button, english letters appear as i type them until i hit a shortcut.
  5. control panel under region and language check the format that give you thye language of your os then go place that where you tel the system you live last one is keyboard and language press modify keyboard read is english is on first and you got english in the top box
  6. English all the way, it says.
  7. then you should be good whitch are letters that are not giving the one you type also see if there no special character keys press on keyboard
  8. all of them, including punctuation using shift and non-shift. as far as i can tell there are no locks set. is there any way to reset keyboard? i reset bios to default, took battery out for awhile. i did a factory default restore and a point restore before i started adding programs. it worked correctly from 30 sec to a day.
  9. i also attached a USB keyboard and it does the same thing as the built in keyboard.
  10. do you have something like this when you prees a key,é ê ç è the first one after the dot second e letter and this ^ thrid on ejust past second ^ and the last one the keys after double dot keys
  11. nope, i get numbers only, 1234567890 in order with every number, letter or punctuation keystroke. all other keys, backspace, shift, del, etc work correctly.
  12. correction, i get the number problem when i do punctuation, too.
    is there any way to reset the flash mem to reset the keyboard? i am 99% convinced i am in keyboard hell from some unknown combo of keystrokes. thanks.
  13. it didn't help. it works on the applications, but i still get numbers in the browsers.
  14. in firefox browser do you have under content for the font times roman news
  15. I mainly use IE, but tried chrome and opera and they all do the same thing.
  16. in ie under tools what is the language you see when you open internet option click language at the bottom and what the box report
  17. I just did a system restore w/ backup. So far, so good, we'll see what happens
  18. take a note of all those keyboard setting so it the issue come back you could compare them with the one you have also i would do a full virus scan in safe mode without network and a malwarebytes cleaning
  19. i have noted and will do a safe mode scan.

    something interesting. i installed the comcast security constant guard suite and the probnlem came back. i uninstalled, problem gone. so i just installed the norton software that is free with comcast w./o the constant guard thing and it is still working as it should be.
  20. then there could be a bug in that plugin,i also use a free one name avast never had a issue with it
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