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Acer aspire one d255e keyboard issue

I have an Acer Inspire One d255e, running Windows 7 startup.
When I have a browser running (IE, Chrome or Opera), I type anything and a number comes up on display, going in order 1-0. I can cut and paste or have a password saver program put username/passwords in without a problem. Occassionally this will occur when I am in a non-internet based application, but I just close and re-open and the problem is gone.
When I press the windows key and type, I get normal typing, until I hit a shortcut.
Since the keyboard is small, I mistype more and I am fairly convinced I hit a hidden combination of keys. Acer says it's a software problem and not covered under the warranty.
Any combination with numblock doesn't fix anything.
Please help!
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    I had the exact same problem with my same model computer. I fixed it by doing Fn (function) + NumLk (the F11 key with NumLk in blue on Acer Aspire One D255e)
    Hope it works for you,

  2. Same thing applies to Acer Aspire One D270. I have an external Keyboard, and when I apply the Numlock key, it affects the keys on the netbook's (small) keyboard. I thought my keyboard was screwed up because of the external keyboard. Fnct + F11 restores the keys back to normal. Thanks for the hint. I have also now discovered the integrated number pad on the Netbook's (small) keyboard. I didn't know this function was there.
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