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Hello, my dads d610/ pentium M760 2ghz is running slow. system properties reports 798Mhz also cpuz also shows 798Mhz (133x6) stays the same running orthos, does not go to 133x15=2Ghz. Speed step does not seem to function although is enabled in set up. have tried disabling and then re-enabling in set up. Have reseated heat block on cpu and chipset with ms2 paste to elimenate heat issues, fan is working. I have run out of ideas, any help please, steve
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  1. check your power management settings
  2. Hi :)

    As ALVINE says...power settings....set to HIGH PERFORMANCE...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. control panel>power options, only offers when to shut down screen/hard drive and standby. nothing about performance. Hard drive has been formatted and new install of oem XP Pro so no dell software. cant find anything on dell site to help. any more ideas, thanks
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