Llano or trinity

i wanted to buy a new laptop
so i came across the asus k53ta
this has
amd a6 3400 1.4 ghz turbo core 2.3 ghz
2 gb ram
ati 6720 g2
500 gb hdd
now since the new trinty is going to be released
by amd should i wait or purchase this

will trinty has a significantly better cpu
will the dedicated gpu hd 7000 m series of trinity be significantly better than the 6650m of
this laptop
when is the estimated release of laptops with trinity

i will just be using it for moderate gaming sc 2 witcher 2 skyrim
i will just be going for a cheap laptop
any help would be appreciated
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  1. I think the deciding factor in whether you should buy now or wait is what settings and resolution are you comfortable with.

    The spec's you listed will only run those games on the low end of medium and low in some cases on a 1366x768 which is a pretty common laptop resolution. While I haven't read any benchmarks for Trinity I think it would be safe to assume that you will be able to run on Medium.

    My personal suggestion, since I am impatient and hate waiting, would be to budget for the A8-3500m and 8 gigs of decent dual channel memory (not from the laptop manufacturer) since most of the memory configurations on many of the Llano laptops I have seen are all borked up if you care about gaming performance.
  2. trinity looks awesome for lappies

    doesnt look anymore powerful than llano persay, but it uses half as much power
  3. about the a8, my budget is restricted so the a6 is the only thing ican afford right now

    1366x768 is good enough for me though i want to be able to play at medium settings

    the basic thing that I want to know is whether a similarly priced trinity laptop will significantly outperform it cpu-wise and gpu-wise

    I also hate waiting so if the wait will be really long i will be purchasing the above mentioned notebook
  4. i dont think its going to have much more power no

    i read something, cant recall what
  5. neon neophyte said:
    i dont think its going to have much more power no

    i read something, cant recall what

    so should i get the asus k53ta
  6. personally. id want trinity, seems much more suitable for life on a battery

    but if power is all u care about, llano should suffice
  7. Tibbs01 said:

    thank you for the link

    so the screen and build quality certainly is not so great
    but the gaming potential is quite up to the mark for the price

    also, i came across this
    Acer Aspire 5750G (Ci3) Laptop

    this has an i3 2310m 2.1 ghz
    and a nvidia gt 540m 1gb
    with 3gb ram
    and no usb 3 unlike the asus which has one

    the acer costs more than the asus

    which one do you guys recommend for moderate gaming

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    If I had to choose between those two for myself it would be the Asus.

    The i3 is a better processor, but since moderate gaming is your primary concern I think the Asus is a better choice. I have also had very poor experiences with the build quality and reliability of Acer laptops and would never purchase that brand regardless of the specs, so take that with a grain of salt.
  9. I personally have an Acer Aspire 5560-Sb401 with the Llano A8-3500M that I bought on sale for $500CAD and I couldn't be happier with it. I previously had an eMachines E620 (Acer Aspire 5515) which was perfect except I broke the damn thing through my own stupidity and it ran perfectly for 3.5 years. More than half of all laptops are actually manufactured by Quanta or Compal anyway regardless of brand (even Apple!), I wouldn't be too worried about the brand you buy. I can play Skyrim just fine on my 5560 and that really just blows me away. :sol:
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  11. My best advice is to wait untill Trinity starts rolling out and grab a lower end one of those, or go ahead and get a A8. The Llano prices are just going to drop when the Trinity's start going full force. But just keep in mind the A8-3500 vs the A10-4600 is about a 20% performance difference, so that is a HUGE jump for just a $100 price difference. I havent seen anything for the A6's tho, which seems to be more in your price range.
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