Need to help a friend buy a laptop.

Hi everyone. I came here to help shop for a laptop for my friend. The price range is $200-400 dollars USD. All they said is that they want to be able to play Skyrim and Garry's Mod on Medium-High Settings. Now I know high settings for Skyrim is not possible in this price range, but what about medium? Also, to help the costs, I am searching for a used laptop. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! :)
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  1. You and your friend are both dreaming. The lowest price you'll find is $550USD for this notebook:
  2. Hi :)

    For that price I doubt it will even play on LOW....add another $1000 for a gaming laptop or build a gaming PC....much cheaper..

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Oh man. Can someone point me to some laptops that can play Skyrim med-settings?
  4. jar50972 said:
    Oh man. Can someone point me to some laptops that can play Skyrim med-settings?

    Hi :)

    NOT in that price range.....whats your MAXIMUM budget ?

    All the best Brett :)

    here is an asus refurb for $419 with 1 gb dedicated graphics
  6. only other choice is craigslist or ebay
  7. Its near impossible to find a laptop to play skyrim on medium at that price range.

    that might play it on low

    You can find some in the 600 dollar range that will play it on medium

    your best bet is used/refurbished that has at least the GeForce GT 550M dedicated graphics card or AMD Radeon HD 7670M or better

    both those cards should be able to play it on medium

    finding a desktop would be a much more feasible task in that price range

    edit: chudddds has a good recommendation with that refurbished on newegg, reading the feedback, a user claimed to play skyrim at 50-60 fps at high, though he says he overclocked the cpu to 2.0/2.4 ghz from the stock 1.4.
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