Problems installing win 7

I am trying ti install win7 Home Pre on a formatted clean HD, I keep getting the NTLDR is missing message, even when booting from the DVD drive with the win 7 disc in the DVD drive. Would appreciate any help or ideas.

Thanks Matt
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  1. "on a formated clean HD, I keep getting the NTLDR is missing measage, even when booting from the DVD"
    It's logical that there is no NTLDR on a clean drive.
    Is this a full W7 dvd or an upgrade? an upgrade requires that a previous qualifying OS is installed. To do a clean install you leave it installed and choose custom instalation. Windows must be able to check that you qualify for the upgrade.
  2. plus 1 for jonmor!
  3. Hello Matt824,

    Just a thought if you are having issues with the DVD.....maybe try a USB Flash?

    You can download the USB tool for free and copy your Windows 7 ISO to the USB. Complete instructions can be found here:
    I use USB flash drives all the time for OS install it works perfectly - lot faster and no DVDs to get scratched and damaged! :-)

    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. Do you have your dvd drive set as first boot device in bios? it just occured to me that your disk appears not to be booting.
  5. Have you tried removing your installation media (Windows 7 DVD/USB) when it restarts for the first time after the first install screen, and see what happens?
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