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Hi all,

I want to put a Intel Core 2 Extreme x9100 in my Dell studio 1737. Currently have a core 2 duo t6600 in thee with 8gb memory, but had a very nice offer on this processor indeed. Contacted dell but they were their usual helpful selves in not knowing what I was talking about.

Ive got the intel GM45 board but will be upgrading to the ATI 5450 motherboard soon. Any suggestions?
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  1. Hello laptoptechnician;

    What CPUs does that ATI 5450 motherboard support?
  2. roughtly the same as the Intel GM45 board. but if the Intel Board that ive got supports the Extreme processor, ill stick with the Intel graphics instead of the ATI.
  3. I usually search for someone that's already done that. Otherwise - there's just what Dell 'officially supports'.

    I'm having a hard time finding indications it's been done successfully - going from the T6600 to the x9100. Google isn't turning up any attempts or success stories.
  4. see the thing is. The Intel GM45 chipset can support a 1066FSB processor, which principally what the entire upgrade hangs on.

    Check this thread out and see if anybody can expand any profiling or points of view on the matter.

  5. The BIOS also has to be the correct to allow the max rating the chipset can handle.
    That's usually where Dell stumbles - lack of BIOS updates.
  6. yes i've had this on a couple of XPS's that ive had in the workshop. didnt expect to find the same problem on the studio however. Any ideas as to what the current bios revision should be before upgrading the chipset?
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