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Comments -Good and/or Bad on 2 Builders Requested

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June 24, 2003 2:22:51 AM

I would appreciate comments, both good and bad, on ABS Computers and Polywell Computers. Both are in California.
Has anyone purchased computers from either - and what was the quality of both the equipment and tech support, if applicable.

But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...
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June 25, 2003 3:47:29 AM

Somebody must know something on these 2 outfits ... ?

But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...
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June 26, 2003 11:58:34 AM

ABS has been getting alot of good press lately. Very good prices and stable systems. I ordered an ABS about 3 years ago for a friend and she is very happy with it. Only negative was that it took about 2 weeks to get.

No experience with Pollywell. Also, I would suggest trying one of your local computer builders.

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June 26, 2003 2:45:26 PM

Thanks - I checked reseller ratings. Seems ABS (LA Area) rates well, but Polywell (So. San Francisco) has some very negative comments posted. Thanks for the web site.

But Officer, I wasn't speeding - I was qualifying ...