Gaming: W7 says something like video low and switch to other style???

I occasionally get some error like this, or similar, when playing games (Crysis Wars, etc.). Seems W7 is saying I dont have enough system resources during gaming to keep aero interface and wants to go to a lower desktop video. I hate the fact that it totally interrupts my game, have to say no-dont ask me again, then restart the game.

I dont believe i have a problem with the hardware, but dont know. I theorize that windows aeroface keeps using resources for desktop video even when i am not using the desktop and playing game. Anyone know how to fix this.

I have:
mobo Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Intel Q9550 (o/c to 3.4)
4 GB (2x2GB) OCZ DDR2-1066
HIS HD 4850 w 1GB memory
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  1. your rig is great, should be no problem at all. probably its the win 7. Try later with the official version. For now, try installing the newest ati driver.
  2. I get that message also on my i7-920, 9800gtx+, i just tell the message to no pop up anymore and that got rid of it.
  3. it stopped.....but it might be back....

    just when i think im out.......they pull me back in!
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    I haven't seen that one yet, but my primary games are Guild Wars and Sacred 2. I also have 4GB of RAM, and a HIS 4850 (a 512MB version). It could be a stability problem that Win7 is interpreting as a memory issue. Is your OC 100% stable, and does your RAM pass Memtest?
  5. i used intel burn test 10 times and passed both with stuff disabled (eist, C1, etc.) and with enabled like during normal usage. that seems to be the most brutal test and doesnt take 24 hours like prime95. I had previous oc setup pass prime95, and fail intel burn test, so i re-did settings to pass burn test. i like burn test the best.

    i have not figured out how to do the memtest yet. I will this weekend, it requires to make some boot disk and stuff, but im lazy.
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