Gateway P-7915u FX

Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why my laptop is crashing. It's a gateway P 7915U from Bestbuy with a 260mGTX

Basically the problem is that I keep on the getting the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" pop up and temporary screen blackouts also occasionally I also get the nvlddmkm.sys bsod.

Oddly these crashes only occur in when running on AC, when running on batteries it's fine.
Is my GPU or Mobo dead? Is the only thing I can do is "Bake" aka reflow the motherboard in the oven? lol

I know this is a common problem with my laptop and I have tried a lot of fixes but no luck from the logical to the stab in the dark.

1) Reinstall drivers
2) Downgrade to old drivers
3) remove then use windows update
4) try beta drivers
5) use factory drivers
6) reinstall windows
7) disable ethernet driver...... o.O
8) use rivatuner to downclock my gpu
9) turn down settings in nvidia control panel
10) reinstall windows again.....

Any help would be nice and thanks in advanced!
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  1. If this was a software issue, re-installing Windows and then the drivers would have fixed things. Something it going on with the hardware which means a motherboard swap of at least replace the video card.
  2. try a different version of windows
  3. Is the system running hot? You could try blowing out all the vents and see if that helps. but it does sound like a hardware issue
  4. Hi, I'm from Brasil and I have the same problem, infact I already bought a "brand new" mobo and still problem, I had changed the processor to Qx9300 but still dont working. Tomorrow I'll change the memory because its the only thing that I have not changed.
    I'll post the result.
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