Help choosing a laptop for gaming

Will have 850.00 and not a penny more to soend on a laptop!

Considering three choices:

Dell XPS 15 - i7 / 540m 2gb GPU / 8gb ram / 750gb hdd @ 7200rpm
~825.00 refurbished

Compal PBL21 - i7 / 540gm 2gb gpu / 8gb ram / 500gb hdd @ 7200rpm
~850.00 new

Hp envy 15 - i5 / 6330m 1gb gpu / 6gb ram / 750gb HDD @ 7200rpm
~800 used/ refurbished

Those are the three iver been looking at.

Im going to be doing a lot of gaming (call of duty, battlefeild, dirt, etc.) video editing, photoshop, and graphic intense programs.

If you were to choose one of these three, or maybe even if you were to suggest me another laptop with great specifications to game and multitask seamlessly, what would you get and why? Thank you!! :)
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  1. Anyone?? :(
  2. $850 will get you a nice ASUS system from
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    Looks like you have been looking pretty hard to find a good deal. I'll give you some links to where I usually look for good deals (maybe you can find what you need in the budget you like).

    * Slick Deals (computers) is where I usually start. No good deals at the moment, but this can change.
    * Dell Outlet for the latest refurbs or even scatch and dents. The good ones go quickly, so if you find a good deal than jump on it.
    * Tom's Hardware sometimes has some deals listed on the front page too, so keep an eye out there too.

    With that said, I would stick with the Dell XPS line/HP Envy line (I'm somewhat familiar with them). You have selected those, so I think your going in the right direction and have selected pretty good systems for the $. If you have a week or so before you buy, you can usually find a good deal on some of the sites I've listed above.

    P.S. I would stick with at least a 1600 x 900 LCD screen at the minimum (especially if your doing PS or the like). Full 1080p screen would be better, but is extremely hard to find in your price range (unless it's a refurb or scratch and dent model).
  4. Thank you so much. Ill look and see what i can find. Ill reply with maybe a few links and you could tell me what you think!
  5. check also, they always post deals for HP
  6. Ill check itout right now and report back!
  7. go to dealiggs search box and enter "HP" , or "laptop"
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  9. Did you buy something? If so, please let us know what you got.
  10. slick deals is ok, if youre looking to buy a purse.
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