Toshiba laptop with Trubrite monitor

Hello people!

I'm in the process of buying a new Laptop, and have nailed it down to this model

Toshiba Satellite Pro 15.6

It looks like really good value for money, and I have only heard positive things about Toshibas laptops

I will be using this for general internet surfing, retro gaming(Deus ex, baldus gate, Neverwinter Nights etc).

It will primarily be used for videos streaming like Youtube etc, and this will also be used for outdoor use, now that spring/summer is comming

So I would like if anyone could say something about the monitor (looks like it is the standard Toshiba monitor) and will it suit my needs???
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  1. Hello rambostyrer;

    It's a glossy (glare type) screen and not well suited for anything outdoors.
    Better choice would be an anti-glare matte LCD screen.
    You could also get some anti-glare film to apply to the LCD screen, which would help prevent glare/reflections outdoors.

    You're more likely to find anti-glare matte LCD screens on business class notebooks.

    Toshiba Satellite C660 Series is Toshiba's 'budget line' and doesn't exactly merit the same reputation as Toshiba's premium line of notebooks.
  2. Example of Anti-Glare Protection Film
    This one custom made for: Acer ICONIA Tab A500 tablet

    and one for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    You can get the same sort of thing for laptops/notebooks as well.
  3. Glossy screen ( like TruBrite)

    Matte screen (anti-glare)
  4. ok thanks.
    looks like I have to find another laptop. with a laptop with a anti glare monitor, as my living room is also very bright as I have several large windows in my south wall, and get a lot of ambient light.

    Any suggestions for a laptop with a anti glare monitor and specs matching the Toshiba at a reasonable price??
  5. The Toshiba Tecra business class models are all considerable more expensive.

    The best deal looks like the HP Probook 4530s @ 4844 kr (still a large bump up in price)

    HP ProBook 4530s Review
  6. You will probably need to look into the anti-glare film to find a notebook option near your original price goal.

    I did find one laptop that I liked better than the Toshiba C660 at near it's price.

    Lenovo B570e 3866 kr

    Lenovo B570 Review

    Lenovo Essential B570 review
  7. Another Lenovo B570 Notebook Review (with slightly different options)
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