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So I have gotten this laptop that would turn on every time I put in a little juice into it ie; battery, power cable. Now the confusing part is that when it does turn on the screen stays black. I've tried everything I can without changing the hardware (besides the HDD for testing) unplug, battery, holding on the power button, etc. It turned on fully once before, but as soon as i try to shut it down it stays on or shuts off then turns on again, yet it still doesn't show any sign of the screen turning on. I have also tried plugging in another screen. It worked and was the time it turned on. Both screens on so I imagine that the screen works fine. what do you think is wrong with this computer?
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  1. If from what I gather, you are saying an external works but your LCD is black? Is the LCD completely black or if you put a flashlight to it, can you see a faint screen?
  2. No, both screens work when it's plugged in. its either both or none at all.
  3. When the AC adapter is plugged in? Have you had the battery looked at to see if it's providing the proper voltage to the laptop when on battery only?
  4. Yes, and im assuming the battery's dead. I don't understand why it turns on when i just plug in the ac adapter.
  5. When does it stay black? before booting? after booting?! please, be very specific :-)
  6. Sorry for the late post, but i found out my whole motherboard was fried... thanks for the help though guys. =D
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