My asus a42jk super slow booting

it seems my asus a42jk having a really long booting time.
what i mean is the time between post screen and the "starting windows" (grey screen).

lately the problum occur after my computer got blue screen while trying open the high requirement game.

and after that my asus a42jk having a really long booting time in that particular gray screen.

but the thing is after i wait for about 5-10 min the grey screen is dissapear and advanced through to starting windows screen.

and then the computer just work fine as usual.
but when i tried to restart computer. it's likely to start the problem again.
grey screen occur taking me about 5-10 minutes on every boot.

Anyone here ever face this such a problem?
Any help given i appreciate it.

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  1. for additional information,
    i already try configure bios to manufacturer by pressing f9 at the bios configuration
    i already try press power button for 10seconds without any electrical

    and i also wanna ask if f9 on asus screen do help with this problem?
    because when i do , it says the data in my partition will be fully or partially loss.
    so i decide to not to do that thing first.

    sorry for my bad english.

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