Grandmas sheety laptop xD

Pre-note : my grandma doesn't know anything about a computer.

Couple of days ago my grandma was working in a word process program when the screen went black. Since she let it rest for a couple of days and/or hours(don't know). When she tried to turn the laptop back on the lights came on and the screen showed no image according to her and the lights went out after a couple of mins. I personally believe the cooling failed because the dust from over the years and since that the motherboard over heated and failed causing the laptop to die. I'm not an expert in computers but I did build my gaming rig. Please help me out, I'll see her on the 30th or march and want to help her as much as possible, so please post a replay, Thank you.

Grandmas computer specs (they suck)
Dell Laptop
Age - 7-8 years
- she doesnt know anything about it thats pretty much it:C -
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  1. Hi :)

    Not enough info...what specs and model is the lappy ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Could be a lot of things, even a bad power adapter/power jack (and now the battery is dead). My first guess would be bad caps on the motherboard though, due to its age. Not much you can do for that unless you are very, very good with a soldering iron :)
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