Asus G50V Wireless Card Driver Issues

Recently, for reasons unknown, my laptop's Intel Wifi 5100 AGN adapter stopped workin overnight a few days ago. Since then I've tried everything I can think of. I tried simply installing the drivers from the Intel website and from the ASUS website, uninstalling then reinstalling in in the device manager, and restoring BIOS to default. I even tried toggling the wifi switch on the front of the laptop and using the F-key for it a bunch of times, and nothing.

The weirdest part is, whenever I try to install a driver, it loads, goes to a smallish blue wifi-looking symbol in the middle of the screen, then after about ten seconds it just stops, and when I look, it didn't update the driver. Any ideas? This is wildly confusing to me.
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  1. what does it say in device manager ?
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