Looking for various Vectrex items

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*** I'm looking for complete MIB/NMIB only games:

GCE Space War (US)
GCE Web Wars (US)

MB Bedlam (UK/NL)
MB Blitz (UK/NL)
MB Fortress of Narzod (UK/NL)
MB Soccer/Football (UK/NL)

any MB canada games

** and for manuals

- 3D Minestorm
- 3D Imager
- Animaction
- Pole Position
- Art Master

** Rarities

- Minestorm cart
- Dust cover
- any bandai stuff
- other rarities: carts/games/paperwork

For trade for the right item, I currently have:

-Boxed Lightpen+Artmaster (small box, no instructions)
-3D Imager (loose)
-3D Minestorm (loose)
-Pole Position (boxed, no instructions)
-Polar Rescue (loose + instruction)
-Animaction (boxed, no instruction)

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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.vectrex (More info?)

    Do you have the lightpen for sale?
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