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Hey I'm looking into some laptops to get ready for college when i start in the Fall. I'm going to double major in business and engineering and was wondering what laptops would be good for college life. There are two different laptops that i was considering, an ultrabook (Asus Zenbook UX31E), or a laptop around $1000 with a good graphics card. I will be doing some gaming, but im not sure what games i will play and whether i will have time to play. I definitely want a laptop thats easy to carry around and not so big of a screen. (11"-15"). Can you guys help me decide which one to get and what recommendations you guys have?
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  1. I don't feel ultrabooks are worth the heavy premium and specs you sacrifice. But this laptop series is nice, fairly portable and a good bang for your buck.

    This might meet your needs:

    I've seen this go in and out of stock frequently over the last week (had been considering purchasing myself). It's considerably less than $1000, are you wanting to max out your $1000 budget or simply meet your needs?

    You might also like to look at the Dell XPS series or the HP ENVY 15 series, both which you can configure for around $1000. Check out the ENVY 14 for an even smaller one though its pricier.
  2. somekidxd said:
    for college when i start in the Fall.
    When are you thinking about getting the new notebook?
    Quite a few big changes taking place over the new few months.

    more ram, more hdd, better warranty, better support, blue ray, better webcam, still under 1k, and in stock, lol

    more $$$$$$$$
  4. WR2 has a good point, since the laptop is for the fall, it would be better to wait 3 or 4 months and ask the question again as more than likely prices will have dropped.
  5. This is a link someone posted earlier today:
    An $1100 Alienware w/ a Nvidia 555m video will run the high-end games like BF3 and SkyrimV on Med settings in the 30-35FPS range.
  6. If that ASUS N43SL-DH51 looked interesting you can get a price break @ XoticPC (free shipping vs $14.83 @ NewEgg and a lower base cost if you pay cash)

    They also carry ZenBooks.
  7. In the next few months you'll be hearing a lot about Trinity and Ivy Bridge.

    AMD's Trinity is the follow on for it's Llano APUs. One report I read mentioned Trinity APU will offer a 25% increase in CPU performance and a 50% increase in GPU performance over the A-series Llano APUs available today.

    Ivy Bridge is the follow on the Sandy Bridge. 15% improvement in CPU performance and 55% GPU performance improvement putting it near a GT 525M laptop graphics card.
  8. I dont know, im still leaning towards ultrabooks because of their looks and size, but im not sure yet! What should i look for in a college laptop?
  9. What brands are good that you guys recommend?
  10. "Brands" are not necessarily good in themselves. But you can find good "models" withing many brands.

    Reliability and ruggedness. Usually better in business class notebooks than in consumer class models.
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