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I have an old PCI gfx card lying around an am aware that I could plug this in alongside my AGP card to drive 2 monitors.

Would there be any downside to doing this?


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  1. I did that for a while ,use two graphic cards. It works alright but doesn't have dual monitor features like the new graphic cards. As soon as you play a game or watch a movie you lose access to the other monitor. Its still good for window applications though or comparing prices on web sites etc.

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  2. What is considered to be a good dual monitor graphics card?
  3. Simply ATI. For instance, I am able to watch a movie on my TV while running internet on my monitor. You have three outputs (TV, VGA and DVI), but only 2 can run at a time.

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  4. Even more simply - any dual Monitor system available from almost all vendors. Most vendors supply dual video cards, some have 2 x standard VGA connectors, and others offer 1 x VGA standard port, and 1 x 40pin plugs. Normally if they supply the 40 pin (DVI) connectors, they also provide a 40 pin to VGA converter. Most cards offer TV out too, which can be set to PAL or NTSC.
  5. How to do that in detail? i'm trying to do..but dunno how..
  6. you normally have 2 video outputs labeled VGA1 and VGA2 - normally VGA1 is your default Bootup one. VGA2 will be your second monitor. You will need to load your drivers that you got with your card. ATI and nVidia can both be set up via your Display Properties on the Control Panel. You should see a 'extend your desktop' type option. after selecting it you will see two monitors in the setup. You can set each monitor individually(ie: resolution and location). You can right click on the screens displayed in your Display properties. If you have a TV you need to select if you want to use this or the 2nd VGA/DVI port.

    You can also use the CLONE setting, which basically displays the same stuff you see on the first screen, onto the second one.

    This is normally explained in detail and I think ATI even has it's own Control Panel program that controls it. Both are pretty east to use.
  7. Quote:
    What is considered to be a good dual monitor graphics card?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">MATROX</A> makes the very best multi-monitor supported cards. The G200 G450 G550 and P650 all do great dual monitor support. And the P750 and Parhelia do great dual and triple monitor support. And for the Absolute BEST multi and HIGH res. monitor support there is the HR256. The last 3 choices are likely outside your price range.

    Now these cards aren' really meant for gamin, but they do offere the very best multi-monitor support out there. IF you wish to game then go with the ATIline of cards.

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    But for now, just experiment with your PCI card, it should give you an idea if you like/want dual/multi monitor support.

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  8. I could extend the desktop, but it likes ..the taskbar extends to be longer horizontaly..then I could use 1st monitor and 2nd as TV, but I couldn't watch movie using Full Screen, the movie will be displayed at "middle" of two monitor..I want to watch movie using Full Screen on TV, and the monitor displays Windows Desktop independently
    dunno if you got what I mean
    so only thing I do is set Clone mode if i want to watch movie in full screen on tv
    hope you understand what I mean :tongue:
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