Keyboard works on startup then stops responding

I have a Dell 1520 laptop. The touchpad works on startup then stops responding.

Can someone help me with this.

Thank you,

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  1. Downloaded and installed driver. No change. Still stops working after startup.
    Could it be a virus?
  2. Anything's possible. Have you tried adjusting the settings as described in
  3. look in the device manager, what does it say for the touch pad ?
  4. Do you have a mouse plugged in also? Look for a setting that turns the touchpad off if a mouse is plugged in; even if there's no mouse, change that anyway and see what happens.
  5. Oh, I fogot to mention the keyboard does the same. Stops working after startup.

    Thank you

    In Device manager mouse is ok, but keyboard has yellow exclamation point.

    Thank you
  6. Can you view the keyboard's status in device manager to determine the cause of the exclamation point? This should be in the properties. There should an error message (code xx) there that would be helpful in determining the cause of the issue.
  7. the touch pad and keyboard drivers are seperate

    download the keyboard drivers

    and what kelthic said, what does it say in properties ? double click on it or right click on it, go to properties
  8. Device Manager---- Keyboard Driver is missing or corupted. Window cannot locate keyboard driver.
  9. Try uninstalling the keyboard driver. It should then automatically reinstall the driver, or you can do so manually. Also might want to use driver sweeper to make sure the old driver is completely gone.
  10. brocar3 said:
    Device Manager---- Keyboard Driver is missing or corupted. Window cannot locate keyboard driver.

    there it is, download the keyboard drivers and you're all set

    you might be able to just uninstall the keyboard using the device manager, and then reboot, and it would probably just reinstall itself, however, go ahead and make sure you have the latest drivers anyways, there could be bug fixes in them that might help prevent this in the future
  11. Can someone tell me where to find the keyboard driver?

    When I allowed windows to re-install itself, still have yellow exclamation point.
  12. First of all, is this a vostro 1520 or inspiron 1520. I may have linked you the wrong touchpad driver up above. i didn't realize there were 2 models with the 1520 in the name.
  13. I just can't seem to locate a driver for the keyboard. Please give me a link directly to it.

    Thank you.
  14. Honestly, this is a standard keyboard and the windows driver should have worked. I'm assuming you used driver sweeper? If that didn't work, i'm starting to wonder whether your keyboard is just plain shot. They do sell replacement keyboards for your laptop. another option you can try is to system restore to a point before the problem started.
  15. kelthic is correct, that driver is standard within windows, but we still dont know which model she is on.

    let dell detect your tag number (model), go to the downloads/drivers section, MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT OPERATING SYSTEM, and then go to the input section. if there is no keyboard driver, and only a touch pad driver, then they are bundled together. some do it that way, some dont.

    download the touchpad driver. install.

    if that doesnt work, then try system restore. if that doesnt work, then you have a hardware problem and need to take in or sent in for service.

    hope that works !!!
  16. Installing the correct touchpad driver did the trick.

    Thank you so much :pt1cable: :bounce:
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