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My laptop has been beeping. My computer is not overheating, however the fan sounds very weak. It is like the fan is not working at all. I still feel the wind coming from where the fan is supposed to be, but when I ran SpeedFan, it said my fan is spinning at 0. I don't know what to do at this point. I changed the battery inside just to try it and the beeping stopped for 2 days. Then the problem reoccurred. What do I do?
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  1. What battery did you change, the CMOS battery?
    Did you try to reset the BIOS to defaults (even though, it should have done that if the CMOS battery was removed)?
  2. is this laptop an HP ?
  3. Well I changed the round battery in the motherboard. I'm not tech savvy, my dad just told me to try to change it. And yes it is an HP computer.
  4. It sounds like your cpu fan died.
    Changing batteries, bios settings, etc have no effect on the fan unless there are specific controls for it in the bios(or utilities in windows). If you didn't change these controls, then more than likely the fan is dead, or almost dead.

    The beeping is the laptop crying that its too hot, or it detects the fan spinning too slow or both.

    Yes, I know you still feel air comeing out, but it's prolly not enough. There are certain thresholds for fan RPM that will trigger alarms, generally in the 500-900 RPM range. Another thing you can try is vacuming/blowing out all the vent holes. Dust can accumulate in/on/around the fan and hinder speed/air movement.
  5. Also, another possibility is the speed sensor circuit in the fan is dead.
  6. bobkim said:
    Well I changed the round battery in the motherboard. I'm not tech savvy, my dad just told me to try to change it. And yes it is an HP computer.

    Hi :)

    AFTER changing the bios battery DID reset ALL the Bios settings of course ???

    All the best Brett :)
  7. I guessed it was an HP because they are notorious for this, mine included !!!

    first, speedfan wont work on many HPs because they dont put sensors in them for fan speed. Doesnt exist.

    second, yes, the beeping is the motherboard warning you that the fan is malfunctioning and you are going to have over heating issues soon.

    have you tried blowing out the vents ? it doesnt actually help much in these situations becuse the fan has already been damaged.

    you can replace the fan assembly, replace the thermal past with better quality paste, and many other cooling techniques. check youtube for videos with tutorials.

    i wont tell you what i did with mine, its much to risky, however, mine has lasted 2 years, since it started, for a total of 7 years, and no more warning signals.

    bottom line, you have to have that fixed real soon. your cpu and video device are in jeopardy.
  8. I did reset all the settings. I guess the fan is really broken. I have already vacuumed all the dust out. I guess I'll just have to a new fan. Thanks for the fast replies everyone.
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