Need some help deciding between these laptops (gaming)

Hello there. I will have 900 dollars to buy a laptop next week. I am happy to buy used, preferably new if the price is right, but used is just fine with me...

So i have narrowed my search down to these laptops:

1. -

2. -

3. -

4. -

I am going to be doing lots of gaming such as the new call of duties, dirt 3, battlefield 3 (newer games), multi tasking, photoshop, 3d creating, etc., graphic intense stuff.

What do you recommend I do in terms of buying a laptop ~900 dollars? The lenovo seems to have the best GPU out of the bunch, but im no expert but i think the 460m has better clock speeds and performance than the 540M and 550M. But I am still unsure of what to get. Please help! And if you have other laptop suggestions feel free to let me know! :) Thank you TH users!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. There is also the resolution to consider. The 460m with 1600 X 900 res. vs. a 550m at 1366 X 768, would probably be similar performance, since the weaker graphics card is also pushing less pixels, but the 460m with 1600 X 900 will look better.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'll look into that a bit more.

    Anyone else have some more useful suggestions and stuff to consider? I really dont want to waste 900 dollars if i can get something better with a little time spent researching.

  4. Hi :)

    For $900 you are NOT getting a GAMING laptop (you need to ADD another $1000 for that)

    You could build a GAMING PC for that amount though...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Youre wrong ^

    A lenovo y470 is a very capable laptop that can play games flawlessly.
  6. sodapop707 said:
    Youre wrong ^

    A lenovo y470 is a very capable laptop that can play games flawlessly.

    Hi :)

    Really ...try playing BF3 on Ultra then...

    All the best Brett :)
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