RADEON 9600PRO + NEverwinter Nights!

Hi guys. I recently purchased an Athlon xp2000+, soltek sl-nv400 (nforce2, 400ddr dual channel ,ob sound.etc) and an ati radeon 9600 pro. the ram i use is 256kingstonddr pc3200. i know that since i only have one stick of ram in the dual channel isn't running, so when i boot up my com it says FSB 133. is this right? or is there something else wrong?

secondly, my radeon 9600pro LAGSs in neverwinter! i have to tune it down to "fast" setting in the NWN config to make it run without lag. also, the open GL settings on the radeon control panel are have to be set on 'balanced', not on quality or high quality. freelancer plays PERFECTLY fine and beautiful on high modes. also in NWN, the res. has to be a max of 1024 to play with no lag, and the additional settings (shiny water, vsync) are turned off as well. is this a result of ram, or the game, or something else. please let me know guys, i love this game and i really want to see it in full extent. thanks in advance. peace out.
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  1. Radeon cards suffor heavilly on NWN, It's a fact. You arent experiencing anything unusual. The game was coded to run optimally on Nvidia hardware. The game has an auto update feature that you should take advantage of. It will play better once the patches are in place(but not much).

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  2. I've heard somewhere in the "Game's Forum" that there is a glitch in Neverwinter Nights with ATi cards. It will likely be fixed in the future (if not already) with a Game software update. Also, do you have the latest version of Catlalyst? (Catalyst 3.7). 256 megs of RAM <i>might</i> bottleneck the system in game performance, but to what extent I'm not sure. Any more questions, or results you have, feel free to post them.

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  3. Yes your fsb is right. Since ddr works on the rising and falling edge of each cycle, 133 fsb gives you 266 mhz ram speed. If you are using winxp, 256 is half used by the os, so it too is bottlenecking your gameplay. Getting an xp 2500 would also help some. Your main problem though is in optimzation. For most games the 96 pro is great, NWN is not at the top of that list.
  4. NWN occupied 2 months of my gaming time, and with my experience i can tell you that that game runs CRAP on radeon if you try to use higher quality setting(anything higher than 800*600 LAGS). Things went a lot better after i eventually got the latest patch+cat 3.4 :smile: . Currently it is running at 1024*768*32 with all the quality turn to max and it is all smooth even when i get people spam those awesome spells on the screen :tongue: .

    (btw my system is xp2100/512mb ram/radeon9500pro)
  5. heh,

    i was having problems with my r9600p and NWN but I also had a shitty mobo. Got a new mobo and everything works for it now. im running at 1280-1024-32, and no lag.

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  6. Which motherboard & chipset?

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  7. Yeah GW's right, there's a BIOWARE patch to address many of the issues. But it is one of those games that will still lag on the best setup, although without the patch it was definitely having issues with the ATI cards. Grab the patch <A HREF="http://nwn.bioware.com/" target="_new">from Bioware</A>.

    As for your Mobo showing 133FSB, your CPU is only 133FSB compliant, as for your memory, it will be whatever the BIOS settings are set for, check it on boot-up. The FSB is more related to your CPU, as the Mobo can run the memory asynchronously to take advanatge of the faster memory.

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  8. I play NWN on a R9800P and it runs perfectly at the highest possible settings with 4xAA 8xAF on. If I were you I would update the game with the patches.

    Personally my only complaint is that there are no 128MB texture packs.

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  9. My modded 9500 works just fine on NWN... however, on this game, my other computer with a Ti 4200 runs it better... playing multi-player, I sometimes lower setting to increase gameplay... but nothing like 800x600...

    For my ATI card, I always run at 1024x768 or higher...
    All my settings are set to max except shadow casting and AA. My shadow casting is at half (50%) and my AA is a 4 Sample AA (75%).

    press tilda, then type "trace fps" and hit enter to see your fps... you can adjust accordingly to see what the changes do...

    the early patches gave me some trouble, too... the last patch 1.31 and the latest ATI drives seem to work good together so far...

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  10. yeah thanks a lot guys. i'll make sure i get more ram (another 256 stick of the same ram) then my m-board should automically make it run at dual channel, right? or do i have to go into the bios and set something else? sorry if the questions sound a bit silly to some of you professinals out there..i just really wanna have my pc running the best it could for the money that i payed for it! i'll make sure i get the drivers and patch right now. thanks again. please let me know anything that would help. thanks in advance.
  11. Put the ram in the two outside slots (leave the one in between empty). Your post screen will tell you if dual channel is working.
  12. The NWN ATI problem might well have been resolved with the last NWN patch 1.31 and the latest ATI drivers... it has been a month os so since I played last, but I got into it last night, and it played awesome on my modded 9500... it was actually playing better whith the more aggressive settings turned to max, AA and shadow casting... that has never happened before... it made me want to hump my computer...

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  13. Cant live without AA, huh? :tongue:
  14. I have a similar setup, and I play NWN quite a bit. On my system (2.6 P4, 512Mb 800 Mhz RDRAM, 9700 Pro) the biggest hit is by far anti-aliasing in NWN. You can get at the console prompt with the tilde ~ key. Type fps and it will give you your frame rate. Try turning off AA from inside the game, check your frame rate both ways, and see if that helps. On my system it goes from the mid 20's to the upper 40's. Either way, it's way worse than I get with most games.
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