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For anyone in the USA that has been looking for the Medusa 5.1 Headset featured this week and doesn't want to pay the $125 that is asked at, check out They sell the headset for 30.95 GBP (that's Great Britain Pounds) or approximately $53.89 US dollars. The shipping is 12.80 GBP, $22.28 US, so total is approximately $76.17 US, compared to the $125 you would pay otherwise.

The only difference between the two (as far as I can tell at least. I have not yet received the package, as I only ordered it two days ago, but I will update once I have) is that the medusa-usa version comes with the ac converter, as the headset ships with a european plug. This is negligible, however, as a capable converter can be had at radio shack for $12, which is still under the $95 price tag of the USB headset, while you are getting the full deal. So for anyone interested, here is the link to the set on overclockers.

Edit: You can actually find the power converter that would be shipped from medusa-usa at (a yahoo shopping network thing) for under $4! further reducing the price. here's a link to the converter

and one to the converter shown on the medusa-usa page for comparison:
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  1. Update:

    Just received the headset yesterday, with everthing in good condition. The outer packing seemed to be lacking, simply a brown box with packing tape around the outside, but it kept the product safe, which is all that matters. I was also surprised with the speed of the delivery, receiving an international package just 10 days after I ordered it (only 5 business days, not including saturdays).

    When I opened it up, I found a black box lined with a very nice velvet material (similar to the earpads). Everything was included and in top condition, and to top it all off a red satin bow was tied across everything to keep it all in place. I am still waiting on the delivery of the power adapter (once again, only 3.44 from the site in my previous post. postage is about $9 unfortunately, but still overall a great deal) but once I receive it I will let you all know how it works.
  2. So Thorngill, what did you think of the headphones?
  3. Cool, but you can get pretty decent Senns for around $100 now.
  4. Took your advice Thorongil but what a big let down when you get stuck with a bad one.

    I bought from the overclockers people hoping to save a bit of money but boy do I regret it now.

    To start with the adapter cost me $14 inc shipping. Then took over two weeks for the headset to arrive here in Avon, CO. Worked okay for about two weeks then one of the speakers started to rattle. Contacted Overclockers who offered no support in fact told me they dont do support fixes just replacements. Not too bad I thought, free replacement cool.. until they told me I had to pay to get it to them AND pay to get it back as the warranty is only UK when bought with them !!!

    Cost me $37 to send USPS and another $23 to get it back which took 29 days round trip.

    Thats my experience of saving money. Cost me $25 more than it would have done from them Medusa-USA folks and I couldnt use it for 45 days. Great bargain !!

    I know who ill be buying from next time, not worth the messing around just to save a few bucks.
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