Asus G74SX vs Msi GT780r

Help me Decide about this 2 Gaming Laptops.
I just want to play latest games.
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  1. Same CPU? Same Graphics Card? Same options?
    Same performance.
  2. Which models of Asus G74SX and Msi GT780r are you looking at?

    Have links?
  3. Well im looking for a laptop that is GOOD and Cheap. and also Very GOOD at Gaming
    So i found this 2 Gaming laptops

    MSI GT780R

    ASUS G74SX

    Please help me.
    I just want a good cooling system

    Thank you.
  4. OK..... how cheap? It's your job to figure out a budget.

    Both of those have - for a notebook - relatively high performance cooling.

    But these are portable systems. They're definitely not going to have the same gaming performance (Very GOOD) as would a desktop computer of the same price.

    You can find reviews at the links I used above.
  5. Like 2000 dollars below.

    Is that good enough to play

    2. Grand Theft Auto V?
    3. Max Payne 2?
  6. I don't think GTA V is out yet? Have you seen any official system requirements anywhere?
    I'm not familiar with that last game.
    But it's system requirements are quite a bit less than BF3.

    A $2000 budget is enough to get you a notebook with chance of running BF3 on high settings. You might need to tweak the settings some, and maybe lower resolution. The GTX 560M graphics cards in the ASUS G74SX / MSI GT780R might not get the type of game experience you want. If you compare the GTX 560M to desktop cards you'd be looking at about GTS 450 level performance.

    Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards

    Even the top notebook cards - GTX 580M or HD 6990M - aren't going to reach the performance of a desktop GTX 560ti or HD 6870.
  7. MSI GT780DX-406US w/ GTX 570M ~$1489 @ XoticPC.

    That same XoticPC website has other custom gaming options you can look over.
  8. Well i don't like to buy Online. My father don't want to.
    Can you recommend me where to buy in dubai?
    Because my father works there.
    I want that MSI! please
  9. In Dubai? 'fraid not. Google isn't picking up any local dealers there.

    Maybe a little bit of work with the local phone book?
  10. MSI might be able to help locate UAE distributors.

    MSI GT 780DX
  11. See if this link works: MSI Reseller's in UAE
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