Laptop won't boot up

I have a HP Pavilon dv9000 laptop. When it starts, all the lights go on but the screen is black. If I connect it to another moniter the xp logo appears and it tries to start up, then stops giving me the no signal message. What is the problem?
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  1. Hello trixiepll;

    Hard to tell exactly what's wrong from that limited description.
    If you hold the laptop screen next to a bright light or shine a flashlight on it - can you make out any text on the laptop screen?
  2. I used to have a dv9000 and had to replace the inverter last year. They are pretty cheap and easy to do on the dv9000 series.

    Do what WR2 says, that will decypher if it's inverter or LCD, since you get video on external I'm pretty sure it's not video related, but some of the dv9000 series had bad video card issues and ended up getting recalled. Might look into that just to be sure yours isn't affected.
  3. Something else you can try with the external monitor.
    Try booting into 'Safe Mode'.
    When you turn power on keep tapping on the F8 key till you see Advanced Boot Options menu show up.
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