D3/Guild Wars 2 Laptop -Need your advise.....

Hello all,

As D3 and GW2 is around the corner and specs are out. I need to be mobile while gaming.

I am also aware that the new GPU's are coming down the pipe on the newer laptops but can get a really good deal on the Asus G74SX-DH71 with the 560m 3.0gig


What do you guys think about this and do you think I can run ultra settings?

Also is there a huge difference in the 560m 1.5gig vs the 3.0gig.

Thanks again for the communitys repsonse as always.

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  1. Hi :)

    You wont be playing games on Ultra on that laptop....or to be honest any lappy...medium maybe but not ultra....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Well GW2 isnt super demanding either and i imagine D3 wouldn't be either. Now if you were playing BF3 and metro 2033 then I would agree with Brett.

    I would say get the beefiest you can afford.
  3. It looks like that laptop has a 1920x1080 screen so Ultra at over 40 fps is out of the question. At something like 1366x768 Ultra looks possible but at around 35fps which is a bit low for my tastes.

    I would look at the SC2 benchmarks when comparing cards as Blizzard has stated they were trying to keep D3 very similar in performance as SC2. My experience with the unoptimized beta of D3 would indicate that this is pretty accurate.

    If you look at the benchmarks found here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-560M.48313.0.html it would indicate that at that resolution High is probably the furthest you will go and still maintain over 40fps average.
  4. Thank you all for your comments. I know laptops aren't really for gaming. As I wont be playing anything like BF3 or Metro2033 and its only more so for D3 and GW2 and a bit of wow you guys don't think this is a good purcahse? Looking for the $1500.00 range. I need something mobile. The D3 specs are out and same with GW2 (pending).

    What video cards mobility wise would you recommend that within my price range?

    I've heard good things about this laptop but know its got me thinking.......

    Keep in mind its the 560 3.0gig and not the 1.5? Would that make the difference?
  5. I love the eye-candy and im the type of person that needs to be on ultra settings for those games or it would bother me...I have a i7930 with crossfired 5850's OC'd to 4.1ghz...but again..I also need something mobile.....=(
  6. This looks to be about the point you can start playing on ultra with a mobility card:


    Edit: I honestly don't think you are going to be able to see much of a difference between high and ultra on D3 or GW2 especially at that resolution, but if you absolutely MUST be playing fluidly and at ultra I don't think you will be able to do so on the machine you listed, but I also think that is about the most performance you are going to find in your pricerange. It is still a nice machine.
  7. Why dont you just access your gaming desktop from your laptop with remote desktop control? that way you can have all the resources of a gaming desktop with the mobility of a laptop
  8. Thanks for the reply firo40....but thats not a possibilty......
  9. anyone else have any comments on the difference between 560m 1.5 or 3.0gig in terms of quality. I can't find anything that compares the two.....
  10. There are very few games that will utilize more than 1 gig of vram. Using super high resolutions or running multiple monitors is where you would notice most benefits. I can't see any scenario it would be worth paying extra money for if you are just using the laptop as it sits for gaming though. If it's a free upgrade then I'd take it of course.
  11. Hey Tibbs01, thanks for the quick response. Its a free upgrade if I get the Asus G74SX, but alienware and other manufactures usually have the 560m at 1.5gig. Just wondering if this is a marketing scheme or would it make a difference in gaming on the actual laptop screen (I would not be paring with a monitor or TV).

    Also, do u think this will run D3 on ultra settings at the native resolution?
  12. There are quite a few threads discussing the 1.5gig vs. 3 gig on various other gpu's. I think the general consensus is that you will not see any difference at 1080p in most games. If you had say a GTX580ti running BF3 on Ultra at 2500x1600 then it *might* help you a bit as some people report seeing vram usage in the 1500-2000 range and I think I remember seing someone pushing crysis at higher resolutions into the 2300 vram useage range.

    With that card and 1080p however I think you would cap out playable framerates long before you would see any benefit from 3gigs of vram vs. 1.5.

    In regards to D3 I don't think you will be able to set everything to Ultra at that resolution and lock in at 60fps. High for sure with some Ultra settingssprinkled in likely.
  13. Thanks Tibbs. I might go with with a lower res monitor with the 560m or just get a better vidoe GPU. Thanks for all ur help!
  14. I am in the same boat as you Hamm. I have been hunting for almost a month now on a great deal for a desktop replacement for portability. What I have been hearing is these machines burn out quick if you use em for 24/7 gaming. I like the Asus quite a bit but have also checked Sager, MSI and Alienwares. right off the bat Alienware has a flashy rig but just way way too pricey, scratch that. MSI's i have seen have mostly been a few months outdated so no real comparison info I have found. Which leaves me with the Sager or the Asus. Checking out GPU's if you can get the sager with the 7970m gpu the benchmarks and reviews are phenomenal for this GPU. Or look into ASUS G75VW with the slightly lower 660m gpu not the 670m or 675m the reason I say this is apparently the 660m is the newest architecture(called Kepler) for the Nvidia GPU's and runs a 28nm core versus the older architecture(Fermi @44nm) of the 670m or 675m. Or just wait for the 680m which will be the 28nm Core Kepler. I believe with the 7970m or the 680m GPU's you should be able to max out Diablo 3 or WoW and possibly some of the other great benchmark games. Perhaps not so with the 660m but your going to have a way cooler machine(temperature wise) and the 660m is a lil older so it may help fitting into your budget. So for me I am at a crossroad, choice is the Sager 9170 with the 7970m or a lesser machine but also near $1000 less in price(overall after all option considered), ASUS G75VW-DS73-3D with the 660m GPU.
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