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I am looking for a laptop to do everyday things and download and listen to music and watch movies. My budget is around 600 dollars. I know I want a i5 processor and a Blu Ray player if possible.

Thank you for your time
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    thats $150 less than anything on newegg
  2. Sorry, I don't want to buy from a website I don't trust.
  3. what websites do you trust ?
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    You want an i5 laptop with a Blu-Ray for under $600? I think that this is as good as you're going to get:
    If you want an i5, expect to pay at least another $150+tax. That machine listed there will do everything you want it to and video playback will be awesome because of the HD 6620G IGP. If you want to have this as a portable blu-ray player for a 1080p HDTV, then maybe the Blu-Ray player is worth it. Otherwise, it's a waste of time because laptops in that price range do not have the HD screens to make it worth it.
    Note: That other site points to Dell's website for the product so you would have been able to trust it but it says that the product is no longer available.
  5. Ya, I agree with you Avro that the Blu Ray player isn't worth it unless you plug it into a HDTV so I got this
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  7. Thanks for the best answer selection. As for the laptop you selected, I just hope you don't intend to game with that. Intel Graphics are notoriously BAD compared to ATi and nVidia. Charlie Demerjian pointed out that Intel has never made fully-functional drivers for their graphics hardware and probably won't in the near future. The HD 3000 series in the Sandy Bridge CPU doesn't even support DirectX11, something that every Radeon and GeForce mobile GPU sold today do. Remember that you can't upgrade the GPU in that particular laptop which means you're stuck with a graphics processor that is considered primitive on the day it was first released and I can't tell you how many sad Yahoo Answers users I have had to explain this to. They bought a laptop thinking only of the CPU so they accepted what would become an albatross around their neck, namely Intel "HD" graphics. I've heard stories of game incompatibility, choppy web page scrolling and scrolling lag, shoddy image quality, etc. Check out this comparison of the A8-3500M vs. the i5-2520M:,2959.html
    It might make you change your mind. :sol:
  8. i guess my link directly to dell(with the specs and price initially requested) are not as trust worthy as buying a dell from newegg, hmmm
  9. I did point that out chudddds in my main answer. The problem was that the link didn't go anywhere. It just said that the product was no longer available. (And who trusts Dell anyway? LOL, J/K!) :sol:
  10. Never intended on gaming with it and the i5 2450m is the best cpu I could find below my 600 dollar budget. The i5 2450m is 52 on this list while the A8-3500M is 154 on this list and the i5 2520m only rates 1 higher then the i5 2450m.

    I see what your talking about now chudddds but I agree with Avro Arrow that the Blu Ray isn't worth it unless I have a higher resolution on the laptop.

    Thank you for your replys
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