D830 not turning on

Hey guys,
I have a Dell Latitude D830 that doesn't turn on. When plugged into the mains, the charge light flashes at me, then I press the power button, and nothing happens , at all !!!
It's not the charger and i'm pretty sure the power socket is fine.
I've stripped it down and tried re-sitting everything.
Is there something I've missed ??
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  1. Hello 7slaterj;

    With the battery out will it run on AC mains?
  2. hey pal ,
    No it wont, when i plug ac mains in, the charge light comes on for a second then disappears. After that nothing happens.
  3. Does anything at all happen when you press the power on button besides what you mentioned?
  4. Nope !! lol not a thing :s
    I could do with picking up a ammeter really.
    What do you think ??
  5. A trip to the laptop repair shop is a better idea that borrowing a ammeter.
  6. Thats exspensive !! lol
    is it not worth seeing if a voltage is running through the power harness on the motherboard ? lol
  7. I couldn't tell you how to begin. Or if any of the results were good or not.
    I suppose you could see if Google turns up anything.
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