agp440.sys - error while booting winXP?!

My old computer (the one I'm writing on now) is an upgraded Dell dimension xps t500.
Now I've bought a Asus a7n8x motherboard, amd 2100+, 256Mb 400MHz ram and a new tower with a new powersupply.

When I move my grapic card (elsa gladiac 920) and harddrive from this computer to the new one it crashes EVERY time it tries to boot winXP.

When trying to boot in safe mode I can se it's always at the "agp440.sys"-file. I've done quite a lot of reading about this around the internet and it might not even be this file that's causing the problem - some argue that it's just the last thing being written to the screen, that the problem is actually after that file... well nobody has come up with a satisfying solution so I'm asking you guys...

What to do?
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  1. try uninstalling all vid drivers before making the switch, then boot up and reinstall on new machine.

    ....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  2. Your moving the harddrive that has xp installed for the dell computer over to the new computer, right?
    Thats the problem. XP is trying to load drivers for chipsets and components that arent on the new M/B. Did the dell have onboard video at all? Your best bet would be to just get a new harddrive for the new computer and do a clean install or wipe the current drive and do a clean install.
    Personnaly I would just get a new harddrive and graphics card for the new computer and use the old one for whatever.
  3. I post this message in "motherboards and chip"-forum too and I guy there had the correct answer to my problem.
    Albeit an answer I had already figured out but still useful for some of you I'll bet.

    The thing is that it's not an agp-problem although it may seem like it. It's actually a XP-hardware problem.
    A simple CD-boot with XP and repair did the trick...

    C-ya :)
  4. Do you know what hardware that file was for?
  5. Hello!

    For me, plugging out one memory stick helped to solve the agp440.sys problem.

    I had the similar / exact problem:

    - Win XP won't boot to neither "normal mode" nor "Safe Mode".

    - Safe mode driver loading log shows agp440.sys as the last file, loading hangs.

    - Tried booting from XP installation CD as suggested in KB article 32476. Booting hangs after "Press F6 if you need to"....

    - Tried all kind of BIOS failsafe loading and different settings, nothing helped.

    - Then I removed one memory stick and tried booting up and it worked!

    - I did put the memory back in it's place and now it works still...

    No idea about the logic behind the memory thing, but it works :)
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