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so i know the i5 has only 2 cores and i7 has 4 cores so im guessing the i7 is better for gaming BUT,

if i was to have the i5 with Nvidia GT 520MX 1GB and the i7 with a Radeon HD 6570 gfx what would be better for gaming.

ALSO i would only have 4 gb ram but would upgrade to 8 gb ram soon so whats better for gaming?

P.S is it possible for the i5 2410m to have 4 cores because this laptop i'm considering says it a quad core i5 2410m are they false advertising?

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  1. i5 is actually quad core. Only the i3 is dual core.

    I would not recommend the on board graphics you chose. GT520 or GT520MX is really slow when it comes to gaming.

    I suggest you look for a laptop with at least a GT550m. An i5 can run any game.
  2. All I5's are quad core and a desktop model CPU will beat a mobile CPU everytime.
    Are you trying to compare a desktop setup to a laptop setup or what? Amount of RAM has little effect on gaming.
  3. so which processor is better and is the radeon gfx better than the nvidia one?

    also the intel website says the i5 has 2 cores what?
  4. Both video cards are bad but the HD 6570m is better than the GT 520m, I think.

    The mobile i5 chips are all dual-core with hyperthreading, so 2 cores and 4 threads. The i7's are dual or quad; the i7-2630qm is a quad. The 2630qm is clocked at 2 GHz, while the 2410m only has two cores and so can go a little faster, at 2.3 GHz. Most games only use two cores, so the two unused cores on the i7 will only be running programs in the background. In practice, I think the i7 having extra cores to run background programs on about balances with the i5 being clocked higher, so for gaming, they're about the same.

    Still, neither of those laptops is really for gaming. If you would fill out the template [here] we can find you something better.
  5. ^^^^now thats helpful info i will fill the form out thanks.
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